Fedora 12 Amarok playing non-OSS codecs.

Fedora by default only supports free software, which is awsome.. but if you have some music in a non-free or non-OSS codec, you still want to play it.. if your using Amarok then just:
sudo yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld

NOTE: The above package isn’t available in the default Fedora repositories, it requires the RPMFusion repos!

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  1. Actually, this will depend on your configured back-end. By default (in Fedora) KDE4 uses Xine, but you can also configure it to use Gstreamer (like GNOME). If so, then that package won’t help, you’ll need something like “gstreamer-plugins-bad” and “ugly.”

    Under GNOME, the media players such as Totem will automatically detect the required codec and prompt to search for it and install it. This is because they have PackageKit integration, which KDE apps do not yet have.


  2. Sure, but if you trying to keep your system clean from those dirty GTK apps 😛

    Sure I could use gnome and have PackageKit integration, but then I’ll loose the KDE prettiness 😛

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