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Fedora preupgrade from local mirror

If you have a local mirror and want to use it as the mirror for preupgrade then follow the these normal steps EXCEPT do the following BEFORE you run the preupgrade(-cli) command:

  1. Download the releases.txt file used:
    wget http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/releases.txt
  2. Modify the releases.txt file, I changed the Fedora 14 (what I’m upgrading to) options to:
    [Fedora 14 (Laughlin)]

    Note: I commented out the ‘mirrorlist’ and ‘installmirrorlist’ options and added the ‘baseurl’ and ‘installurl’ options.
  3. Finally run the preupgrade command from this directory, as one of the locations it looks for the releases.txt file is ./ (current directory).

For more places you can put the releases.txt see here or see the same info at the end of this post.

Happy upgrading.

preupgrade - tool to help you update a fedora system from one distro to the
next. Pre-resolves dependencies and sets up the system to be
upgraded via anaconda
License: GPLv2 or above
URL: https://fedorahosted.org/preupgrade/


== Cleanup ==
preupgrade modifies data in ~3 places:

If you want to clean up manually, you can do:
preupgrade --clean
Or, if you really want to be sure, do it by hand:
grubby --remove-kernel=/boot/upgrade/vmlinuz
rm -rf /var/cache/yum/preupgrade* /boot/upgrade

== Remote Headless Upgrades ==
Use preupgrade-cli --vnc=VNCPASSWORD.
See preupgrade-cli --help for more info.
The upgrade will start a VNC server on port 5901, requiring the given password.
The upgrade will proceed whether you connect the VNC client or not.

--> IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT VNC INSTALLS <-- If something goes wrong or the installer needs more info, it will hang forever, waiting for you to tell it what to do. So you should probably connect a VNC client and monitor its progress. == Adding Custom Distributions == preupgrade searches the following locations for release data, in order: ./releases.txt ./data/releases.txt http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/releases.txt If you want to add your own distribution to preupgrade: download releases.txt, edit it to your liking, then run preupgrade from that dir - or save it to ~/releases.txt to make it work when preupgrade is run normally. Please note that /usr/share/preupgrade/releases.list is ignored and is only being shipped for compatibility reasons. Use ~/releases.txt for customization.

A revelation of sorts

I had a chat with a friend at Church yesterday morning about traveling, and that when visiting a country hanging out with the locals is a good way to experience the culture.

For those who are well traveled, and maybe for those who have not, this may be obvious… And it was to me as well… But like most revelations knowing logically and actually experiencing or really getting it can be very eye opening.

As I look back at my travels I can now see this clearly. Probably my favorite country I’ve visited so far was South Korea, why? Because I actually felt like I got to know/experience the real people of Korea.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed all the countries I have visited, but for a lot of them I was doing the whole touristy thing. Backpacking, sure, but mainly visiting sites. I met a lot of people, but feel as I was only meeting people briefly, they were treating me as a tourist, and as they should.

My experiences in Korea were different.. firstly the major reason was to visit a mate, not exclusively as a tourist, although he did take me to see some of the touristy places.. but we also met and hung out with a lot of his Korean friends. The pinnacle of which was visiting his Church in Seoul, which at first felt like people were greeting me simply because I was visiting and a tourist, but it felt like it changed during the day, it was like I started to see the real people, and they were involving me in there normal behavior. Even though I was on the other side of the world, even though the culture was foreign I felt comfortable, at ease, accepted and included.

From that point on I have tried to do my best at doing the same for all the non-Australian people I meet here in Oz.. and have probably scared some of them off as well!

So for those of you who are or are planning to travel, remember this, the best part of traveling is meeting the people and experiencing the culture. If you’ve gone all that way, then don’t miss the opportunity to meet the “real” people.

And for those of you who think this is common sense or have already figured this out.. why did you read this far?

The IT Curse

As most IT professionals know, if you become an ‘IT guy’ you will forever be the guy friends and family goto when machines break or play up.

And as IT guys we learn to accept this from an early stage, and am in fact happy to give IT support..
BUT there is something that really annoys me..
If I’m feeling sick and goto my brother, or other nursing friends and get advice, I listen, as they are health care professionals, if it is something to do with health food/vitamins etc, then I listen to my sister, a naturopath.

In fact everyone seems to love free advice from professional friends.. but when it comes to IT, I find time and time again people ask me to fix something, and sometimes for advice, but rarly listens or acts apon my advice, as if they have it all under control.

It’s like becuase it’s IT they can handle it… or is it, if it breaks they can take it to me to fix?
I dunno, but I am an IT professional, I’m not after money from them, in fact I’m trying to help them! So why doesn’t people listen? Or heed my warning?

I’m getting to the point where, sure I’ll help you fix something, but why bother giving professional advice when noone seems to care or listen.

So good luck friends and family, what would I know anyway, I’m just an IT professional.

Here ends my rant!!

My Blog Reborn!!

Yes it’s back and I’ll even attempt to use it this time… for those who may not be aware there was once a blog on this site which had an amazing total of 2 posts!

I’m not a very chatty person, but will do my best to actually post interesting stuff I find.. mainly linux or programming based posts would be my guess, and we all know there aren’t many blogs based on that.