The IT Curse

As most IT professionals know, if you become an ‘IT guy’ you will forever be the guy friends and family goto when machines break or play up.

And as IT guys we learn to accept this from an early stage, and am in fact happy to give IT support..
BUT there is something that really annoys me..
If I’m feeling sick and goto my brother, or other nursing friends and get advice, I listen, as they are health care professionals, if it is something to do with health food/vitamins etc, then I listen to my sister, a naturopath.

In fact everyone seems to love free advice from professional friends.. but when it comes to IT, I find time and time again people ask me to fix something, and sometimes for advice, but rarly listens or acts apon my advice, as if they have it all under control.

It’s like becuase it’s IT they can handle it… or is it, if it breaks they can take it to me to fix?
I dunno, but I am an IT professional, I’m not after money from them, in fact I’m trying to help them! So why doesn’t people listen? Or heed my warning?

I’m getting to the point where, sure I’ll help you fix something, but why bother giving professional advice when noone seems to care or listen.

So good luck friends and family, what would I know anyway, I’m just an IT professional.

Here ends my rant!!

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